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Offering your photographs for selling

The gallery 30exemplaires offers the selling of photographs published in limited edition to a defined number of copies but also delivering photographs as well as collectibles, creations of the artists themselves.

Looking at the number of offers nowadays introduced to the online photography market, we therefore offer a range of photographs edited transparently conform to the legislation and to general gallery standards.

The gallery 30 exemplaires means :


Work of art status

Photographs limited to 30 copies maximum



Promotion, selling, authentication and shipping of your oeuvres



70% of sales profit for the artist as copyright retribution

All photographs of the website 30exemplaire.fr are produced in limited edition and numbered to the maximum of 30 copies, as stipulated in Article 98 A du code générale des impôts.

The gallery takes care of all processes concerning selling for all numbered and signed photographs shown on the website.
You do not need to do anything, the gallery is in charge of promotion, selling, authenticating and shipping your oeuvres.

You receive 70% of sales profit of your photographs as copyright retribution.

The profile of photographers

We are continuously searching for new artistic talents, the photography is an art which requires rigour and exigence, that is why we would like to develop partnerships with artists whose artistic approaches are at the same time original as well as proficient.

The quality of your work is firstly going to charm the viewer with emotions that are yours.

Through this partnership, we would like to give you rear cover in your artistic approach.
We hope that the sale of your works on the website 30 exemplaires will create the remuneration you deserve as an artistic photographer. The idea is to allow you evolve in your artistic approach and produce new projects that you can then offer on the website if desired.

Artistic projects and the desire for photographic series at the other back of beyond often makes dream and always requires an investment. Our wish is not to avoid having an ordinary physical gallery, but to offer you a complementary way of selling and an alternative to the numerous offers on the Internet which tend to vulgarize the photography and therefore diminish the work of artists.

Indeed, the work of art status in photography is defined by the French law which authorizes this status for “photographs taken by the artist, printed by him/her or under his/her control, signed and numbered in limitation of thirty copies, all editions and formats together (Article 98 A du code générale des impôts)”.”

Therefore offering your photographic oeuvres through the website, you preserve credibility when dealing with a gallery, of an art centre or of institutional authorities of art in France.
Our most intimate desire, you allow to advance in your works offering you a remuneration adapted to the editorial criteria that you chose through the website.

In the end, to give you absolute freedom when choosing your future artistic and professional orientations, you can sell only a few exemplars of the same photograph or series in total on the website. Afterwards, you are free to offer the remaining exemplars following the appropriate selling methods: personal expositions, gallery, solo exhibition or represented in a gallery, institution…but always respecting the limitation that was agreed on the website.


In the capacity of an artist, you will be payed your exact worth according to the work you have executed.
That is why the gallery 30 exemplaires will subtract only 30% of the achieved price range of your sold oeuvres, you get back the remaining 70% as copyright retribution.

The calculation of remuneration for selling a photograph or another product through the boutique is defined by the following law:

Sales price – production costs = price range

Artist commission = price range x 70% | Gallery commission = price range x 30%

Example :

The gallery sells one of your photographs for 686€ --> 60x90cm printing format under plexiglas, limited to 10 exemplars.
The production costs of the photograph amount to 362 €, the remaining price range adds up to 686-362 = 324€.
You remuneration of the gallery would be 324€ x 70% = 226€.
Remuneration of the gallery would be 324€ x 30% = 98€

In comparison…

- Traditional galleries charge you by 50%.
- Most online sale websites oftenly offer you only an editorial remuneration, around 6 à 10% depending on your notoriety.

The gallery 30 exemplaires --> that are 30 % on your sales. You receive the remaining 70 % in copyright retribution.

You can find plenty of remunerations associated with every subdivision in the document Annexe1-Rémunération .

Documents to download

You want to be part of this project! Thank you for downloading differents elements and sending back the signed contract by mail as a start.
We contact you afterwards to assemble a selection of your œuvres.